Creating an Internal Knowledge Management System 

A Liberian based school network was at a cross roads in their growth. In a matter of just two years, the school network expanded from 1 school to a network of 18 schools, 150 students to 4,000 students and 30 employees to more than 80 employees as a part of the Partnerships for Liberia (PSL) initiative. With such rapid scale, it was imperative that knowledge and systems were being retained and transferred to new staff.


The Challenge 

Create a system for capturing internal knowledge and creating a tool to enforce a culture of learning.

The Process

Reflecting on my personal experience and through the collection of other employee’s experiences, I could gain a better understanding of the gaps and opportunities in the existing knowledge management efforts. After understanding the issues, I began to brainstorm potential tools that can solve this issue. After prototyping and trying various tools, we could create the Guide. This process required me to innovate responsibly and effectively communicate the propensity and effect of transparency across our Liberian and US teams.


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The Final Result

The Guide is a comprehensive codification of the organization’s most important procedures. The Guide was adopted organization-wide and is now a compilation of over 80 thorough procedures explaining the organization’s processes for everything from “Onboarding Staff” to “Starting a Health Station” to “Community Introductory Visits”.